Now that you’ve read up on the potential benefits of medical marijuana in our last blog post, let’s dig a little deeper. If you’ve decided that cannabis could be a great way to treat an ailment of yours, that’s awesome — we’re so happy to have you, and we hope that you can find some relief. To kick off your journey into medical marijuana use, here are a few tips to keep in mind for as smooth a transition as possible. 

When exploring medical marijuana, DO…

Find a Reputable Supplier

As a general rule, you should ALWAYS choose a weed supplier that you can trust, even when your endgame is recreational. This is especially crucial if you’re trying medical marijuana to cope with a medical issue. Like any prescription, medical cannabis is regulated, and you shouldn’t leave your dosage or strain up to guesswork. Only trust a reputable provider to ensure clean, high-quality products at the right dose. 

Ignore the Stereotypes 

If you’re worried about trying medical marijuana because you don’t want to be associated with the “stoner” stereotype, rest easy. There are plenty of alternative means of using cannabis that don’t even involve inhaling and that telltale “skunk” odour. It could be as easy as edibles, tablets or tinctures! Check out our menu to get an idea of your diverse options. 

Be Upfront With Your Doctor

Far too many people pass up the opportunity for symptom relief because they’re nervous about asking their doctor for a prescription. Trust us, even before recreational cannabis use was legalized, heaps of medical professionals were open to prescribing medical marijuana for a host of conditions. 

Even if you’re planning to go the non-prescription route, be honest with your doctor about your cannabis use. By being forthright, you can get ahead of any drug interactions and safely stop taking certain medications. 

When exploring medical marijuana, DON’T…


Remember when we said you should always go to a reputable source for your weed, and discuss your decision with a doctor beforehand? It’s not enough to have a flare-up of symptoms and then reach for your friend’s pot for treatment. Medical marijuana is a precise science! To ensure the experience is as safe and as beneficial as possible, you need an expert to prescribe the right cannabis strain and amount to suit your needs. 

Skip Your Other Meds

Let’s say you start trying medical marijuana, and you find the experience incredibly therapeutic. Awesome! Before you get too excited, you can’t just stop your other medications and swap in cannabis instead. Again, talk to your doctor first about weaning off safely to minimize any withdrawal symptoms. 

Rush Into a Strong Dose

In the same way that you must avoid dropping your other medication too quickly, you’ll also want to ease into your first medical marijuana dose. Even if you’ve had cannabis before, some medicinal strains can be stronger than your average weed. If this is your first time trying cannabis, you’ll want to be extra cautious to minimize any potential side effects

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