Wherever you are on your cannabis journey, you probably have big questions or strong opinions about the best way to get high. In Canada, we’re fortunate that both medical and recreational weed use is legal, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to test out the major ingestion methods to determine a winner. Get ready for Battle of the Blaze!

At Cannabliss, we try to tackle the age-old argument with a laid-back, open-minded approach. To each their own, right? To help you choose your battle hero, we’ve summarized the high points of both inhaling and eating marijuana. Either way, you’re going to get baked — but let’s see if we can find the technique that works best for you or converts you to the other side. 

Smoking Cannabis 

Let’s kick things off with the classic method of choice: inhaling cannabis. Whether you’re ingesting as a prescription or for fun, here are the top benefits of inhaling cannabis instead of eating it.

Get High Faster

When you inhale marijuana, the smoke from the joint, pipe, or vape sends the THC directly to your brain to induce a high pretty quickly — typically within minutes. If you’re using weed for its pain-killing potential or sedating effect, the fast-acting impact of smoking your cannabis is ideal. Edibles, on the other hand, must be metabolized through the liver before you can feel the effects, which does take a bit longer. 

Know What to Expect

Cooking with cannabis may also cause a delayed high because it can lose potency, depending on how you prepare the recipe. Marijuana can also gain power when cooked, making it harder to anticipate how you’ll react. With inhalation, you tend to have a better idea of what your dosage is so you can prepare accordingly. Hello, reliability and control! 

Control the High

Since smoking yields a faster high, you can have a better awareness of your limitations and make the call early-on if you want to consume more safely. Given that edibles take longer to peak, you have to wait about an hour to see if the full effects are powerful enough, by which point you may not even be able to take more. 

Experiment with Inhalation

Keep in mind that when it comes to inhaling marijuana, you have some options beyond rolling a joint. Based on the intensity of the high you’re aiming for, you might consider using a bong or vaporizer, both of which use a higher concentration per dose to produce an easier high. Plus, without a joint, you’ll experience less of that earthy, skunk scent associated with pot smoking.   

Eating Cannabis

For all the great things we’ve said about smoking weed, there are some distinct disadvantages as well. Considering the potentially harmful impact of inhaling smoke directly into your lungs, and the inevitable stench of the smoke, it’s understandable why some folks prefer edibles. But wait, there’s more! 

Stay High Longer

Yep, you read that right — as slow as edibles may be at making you high, one the impact takes effect, it stays in your system much longer than it would by inhaling. So if you’re looking for chill time that’s a bit more long term, edibles are a great choice. Why not get more bang for your buck?

Potentially Healthier

We’re not about to preach on the possible health hazards of smoking marijuana, but those pesky carcinogens from the smoke itself can take away from your experience. For those who consume cannabis for wellness reasons, edibles are a healthier alternative that will spare the lungs and still get you high. 

Limitless Options

Sure, you can change up your means of inhalation a tad, but edibles present a whole new level of variety. We love pot brownies as much as the next person, but there are so many other options! From cookies, cakes, and pastries to salad dressing, cannabutter, and candy — the only limit is your imagination and the size of your pot stash. 

No Skunk Scent 

Hate that tell-tale marijuana odour? Enter edibles! Maybe your family and friends dislike the smell, or you’re trying to be discreet about your cannabis use — edibles are often small, portable, and skunk-scent free! For the same reason, you’ll want to keep it out of reach to avoid unwanted consumption by kids, pets, or unsuspecting adults.

Whatever way you choose to consume your cannabis, what matters most is that you enjoy the ride. So stay open to experimenting, and know that we’ll be here to help you ensure that each is higher than the last.

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