Picture this: you’re sprawled out on a lounge chair at a pristine, white sand beach. There’s nothing but clear skies, and even clearer turquoise waters to enjoy for the week ahead. Your fun in the sun holiday is finally here. Swimsuit, check! Sunnies, check! Summery cocktail, check! What more could you ask for? Well, if we’re honest — some weed would be nice.

Booze cruises, winery tours, and breweries have had their day — now get ready for cannabis tourism! Yep, that’s a thing. And why shouldn’t it be? Given the increasing number of countries around the globe that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana use, planning a kush-friendly vacation is a no-brainer.

If you love travelling and cannabis, our new High Holidays blog series is for you. Let’s kick things off with an overview of our exciting smoke tour itinerary! 

Cannabis-Friendly Travel

Welcome aboard! Over the next few months, we’ll guide you through the wonderful world of canna-tourism, stopping off at iconic marijuana-friendly destinations along the way. If going off the beaten track is more your game, no worries! We’ll also cover a wide variety of lesser-known travel options that prioritize cultural customs, histories, and traditions around weed usage. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip! 

Worldwide Weed 

First up, let’s go global. After all — go big or go home, right? Let our blog whisk you away for a laid back Jamaican cannabis experience, where we’ll mingle with other pot lovers and explore the locally-grown products with regional experts in all things cannabis culture. 

For a vibrant, fast-paced experience, we’ll hit up Amsterdam to satisfy all your Eurotrip fantasies. Another crowd-pleaser, Peru, is on the marijuana menu, among a few other surprise stops along the way! 

American Cannabis Hotspots

For the mid-range travel budget, or for anyone looking to start their adventures in canna-tourism a bit closer to home, the United States is looking pretty green these days. Although Canada beat the USA in terms of national weed legalization, individual states like Colorado were definitely ahead of the game. As a growing number of states go legal, however, weed-friendly and even pot-centric accommodations are cropping up everywhere. Heck yes!

Canadian Smoke Tours

O, Canada. Given the gift of cannabis legalization nationwide, there is truly no shortage of exceptional cannabis tourism options these days — especially now that vendors can be much more open about marijuana-friendly accommodations and itineraries!

Between Victoria, Vancouver, and everywhere in between, you may not even need to leave the province to find your perfect “bud and breakfast” stay. With unique venues from treehouses to beach homes, there’s something for everyone! 
If your current budget can’t cope with international or domestic jet-setting right now, no worries — we can help you broaden your horizons from the comfort of your screen. Plus, you can always design a killer kush “staycation” at home on any budget.

Let us take the vacay to you! Order your cannabis online, and we’ll deliver the goods to your door within two hours or less. Thank you for travelling with Cannabliss!

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