To help demystify the cannabis experience, we thought it was high time we share our expertise on all the different strains available. Last month, on our “Explain the Strain” blog series, we featured the beloved Cannabis Indica. Now that you’ve gotten to know the sleepy strain, it’s time to meet Indica’s lively and stimulating sister — Sativa! 

All About Sativa 

If you’re aiming for a potent and exciting high, Sativa may be the perfect marijuana strain for you. Unlike the sedative impact of Indica, Sativa can promote stimulation for a euphoric effect. Sativa tends to have a distinctly earthy flavour, which may require a bit more finesse if you’re using it for DIY edibles. If you prefer smoking over edibles, Sativa strains have a much sweeter scent than the “skunky” odour of Indica, which is a plus. However you consume your cannabis, keep in mind that the Sativa strain is more suited for day use — so you’ll want to avoid using it before bed.

Sativa originally hails from locations bordering the equator, like Thailand, Jamaica, and Mexico. Sativa plants grow insanely fast and incredibly tall, only taking 60-90 days to flower completely. Given the growth speed and height of the Sativa strain, they are best suited to  outdoor blooming in warm climates.

Popular Sativa Strains

As with any strain, there is a wide variety of sub-strains designed for different budgets, flavours, and uses. Here’s the lowdown on some of the most common Sativa strains to get you started:

– White Widow
– Blue Dream
– Sour Diesel
– Silver Haze

Common Sativa Uses

Widely used by creative types for intellectual stimulation, Sativa is thought to cause a more psychedelic and thought-provoking experience. Due to its potential for inducing hallucinations and a happily spaced-out effect, Sativa strains can promote a mood and energy boost, without completely overwhelming your senses.

Although Indica remains the most popular choice for medicinal marijuana, some patients prefer the energetic boost of Sativa. Some claim it can help to possibly overcome any low points during day-to-day tasks. 

Sativa can be used to treat mood disorders like anxiety or depression. Much like any other marijuana strain, however, Sativa may have adverse effects like paranoia for some users. Therefore, it’s best to consult an expert to find the right fit for your needs.

Potential Sativa Side Effects

Sativa strains tend to be robust, energetic, and widely enjoyed by those looking for a boost of creativity — all remarkable qualities! That said, the hallucinogenic effects can be overwhelming for some users. They may promote more of a silly, spaced-out high than a stimulating one. It all depends on what you’re going for because getting the giggles isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Oh, and beware the munchies! Sativa can trigger some pretty intense food cravings, so be sure to plan ahead to keep your pantry well-stocked with your favourite snack foods.

And that’s a wrap on Sativa! Stay tuned next month to learn about the next best weed strain to explore. Until then, be sure to connect with Cannabliss on social media. Feel free to like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter to stay in the know about all things cannabis.

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