Cannabis culture has evolved a lot over the past decade, especially since the legalization of recreational marijuana. These days, weed products have saturated nearly every industry — inviting heaps of new interest from people of all ages and walks of life. At Cannabliss, we’re all for breaking down the stereotypes that prevent anyone from using cannabis. So whether you’re new to the world of weed or a cannabis connoisseur keen to change things up, we’ve got your ultimate guide for introducing kush into your kitchen. 

Why Explore Edibles? 

Want to dabble in cannabis, but not sure where to start? Maybe you’re not much of a smoker, or you want to ease your way into recreational marijuana use. In any case, edibles can be an excellent option for those seeking natural pain relief or a longer-lasting high — without the smoke.

Depending on the strain and amount you use, edibles tend to last about 3-7 hours, compared to the typical 1-3 hour high you might expect from smoking weed instead. That said, cannabis smoking provides a near-immediate high in minutes, whereas edibles take about 30-90 minutes to take full effect. On the plus side? Many people — especially new users — prefer the gradual impact of edibles for a more pleasant high and a less harsh comedown. 

What You’ll Need 

Even if you’re new to cannabis, chances are you’ve made or consumed regular baked goods before. Baking edibles isn’t so different from your average bake session, but a half-decent recipe is more than just popping your weed into a bowl of brownie mix. Before you even hit the kitchen, you’ll want to do a bit of recon on what type — or strain — of cannabis fits your cravings and experience level best.

Not sure where to start? No worries. Do your research online, or better yet, reach out to local experts like the Cannabliss staff for help on what to order.

For those of our readers already familiar with smoking weed, you’ll probably have an idea which strains you prefer. Just like with smoking pot, choosing the right cannabis strain for your edibles depends on what kind of experience you’re after — each type serves a different purpose and produces a different high. If you want to try something new, without changing up your smoking routine, baking edibles is a great way to experiment. 

Get Baking!

Once you’ve found your ideal pot strain and recipe, you’re ready to start cooking! But wait, before you sprinkle the entire contents of your weed supply into some delicious cookie dough — keep in mind that you’ve got to cook the cannabis separately first. Otherwise, you’ll be choking down a batch of weird-tasting goopy green cookies with zero psychoactive effect. 

Different recipes might call for differing methods, but as a baseline, you should cook your weed at 240F for about 30 minutes. While you wait for the oven to preheat, prep your cannabis by breaking it into smaller pieces and lay them out on a cookie sheet. After that first bake, you can add your marijuana to just about anything!

From cookies and cupcakes to salads and soups — the options for cooking with cannabis are endless. Of course, baking pot brownies are always a great place to start. If savoury snacks are more your speed, might we suggest infusing your nachos or pasta with a creative cannabutter recipe like this one

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

When the time comes to indulge, remember that edibles take longer than smoking to take effect. That means you’ve got to try and pace yourself with consumption. Tempting as it may be to gulp down an entire batch of cookies in one sitting — especially if, at first, it seems like the cannabis isn’t working — hold off on eating every last crumb immediately. Try a smaller portion and give it 90 minutes before consuming more.

If you’re new to edibles, even with the utmost care, you might find yourself accidentally overdoing it. Not to worry — keep some nuts or citrus-based foods on hand to help curb your high while you wait out the worst of it. 

Finally, bear in mind that while recreational or medicinal edibles may be a fun and effective experience for you — the same may not hold true for everyone. Avoid sneaking cannabis into treats as a joke, and keep your edibles out of reach from kids and pets.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking! 

Whether you’re ready to bake edibles or want to get baked with pre-made goods, Cannabliss has you covered. Shop our extensive menu online today for two-hour weed delivery across the Greater Victoria area! 

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