This just in — stoners aren’t the only people who can enjoy cannabis! While this might not be breaking news to everyone, there’s still an unfortunate number of dismissive stereotypes surrounding the use of weed products. Even in post-legalization Canada, so much of the cannabis industry remains inaccessible for those who fear judgment or carry misperceptions about weed. 

So, where does that leave people looking for potential medical solutions for pain and illness? The truth is, there’s a long history of successful studies suggesting the health benefits of medical marijuana. That’s why we’re sharing these three easy, and effective ways cannabis may improve your health — and how to get started. 

Pain Management 

Medical marijuana has been used for decades to allegedly treat a host of different ailments, most famously in helping cancer patients cope with their symptoms and treatment side effects. Nowadays, the medical potential of marijuana has grown to tackle all manner of pain. From elite athletes dealing with muscle strain to stressed-out academics with chronic migraines — cannabis may often prove helpful for pain management. 

How does it work? We’ll spare you the science. Our bodies have the incredible ability to produce chemicals that help minimize the severity of our pain. Marijuana supposedly taps into this natural process to enhance the impact of these chemicals. Studies also show that “cannabinoids” contained in weed products may be an effective means of blocking pain signals to the brain, providing temporary relief from acute and chronic injury and illness. 

Anxiety & Mood Disorder Treatment

Speaking of chronic pain, did you know that certain marijuana strains may show significant improvements in mood for some people? According to this study, consuming cannabis may provide temporary relief from anxiety, panic attacks, and depressive episodes. 

Once ingested, the “endocannabinoids” in marijuana may increase the naturally-occurring feel-good chemicals in your system. These often become suppressed during phases of chronic stress brought on by mood disorders. Plus, since weed typically has minimal side effects (if any), it can be a great alternative treatment option.

If you’ve ever heard that smoking weed makes you paranoid, or experienced a bad reaction yourself, you might assume that consuming cannabis is the worst thing you could do to cope with anxiety. While that is a risk for some, choosing the right strain at the right amount can make all the difference. If you’re keen to try cannabis for anxiety but worried about finding the right fit — we’re here to help! Get in touch with Cannabliss online today, and we’ll discreetly show you the ropes, followed by fast and easy marijuana delivery! 

Stress & Sleep Solutions

Always stressed about work, family, and life in general? Losing sleep over nothing and everything? Yep, you guessed it — cannabis might be able to help. For that occasional night of tossing and turning or those weeks where your mind kicks into high gear the second you lie down, weed might be your solution.

In the same way that certain strains block pain signals to your brain and others help amp up your feel-good chemicals, cannabis can be useful to cut out the stress, help you relax, and, ultimately, get you some much-needed z’s.

Finding Your Cannabis “Cure”

Aside from the potential paranoia side effect we mentioned earlier, first-timers should bear in mind something crucial. Ingesting certain strains either via certain methods or at too high an amount can lead to adverse effects like dizziness, nausea, and drowsiness. That said, these side effects tend to taper off quickly. Plus, if you start slow and find the right fit, you can likely prevent these issues entirely.

When it comes to cannabis consumption, you have plenty of options. The quickest, most common option is smoking weed — using a joint, bong, or pipe, based on your preference. You might also consider capsules, which are more potent but taken in smaller amounts. Finally, sprays and edibles are a tasty alternative, especially for those who’d like to ease into the experience. However you choose to consume, remember to clearly label your weed products to avoid accidental experimentation and keep out of reach from children and pets. 

Whether you’re looking for relief from pain, anxiety, or lack of sleep — there’s a Cannabliss solution for that. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with the latest cannabis news, products, and weed delivery service areas!

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