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The FAST & EASY way to get a delivery right to your door!

The only cannabis delivery service on the island where you can place an order and we’re on your doorstep in under 2 hrs.

Call that lickety-split or damned friggen fast, but we deliver!

Order Hours: 11am – 9pm

Get your order in before 9pm and we will guarantee delivery the same night!

Quality product and great selection. FAST

“Lots of different products and pricing, is likely the best in town. The several orders I have received have been prompt (under an hour each time) and high quality . Not my first rodeo .... I consider my self 'discerning' and Cannabliss has it nailed. Congratulations for running this like a proper business. Loving the bonus points I get to use on product later too!”

— MikeRocap

Excellent service

“great service, they were in touch the whole way and excellent use of the etransfer. Fast and friendly delivery. Will use again for sure.”

— Pelzbelz

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